Is the Supreme Court seeking revenge or administering justice?

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Comment: What do we do to change Contempt Laws

kissi Amuabeng
2016-07-31 08:22:34
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Montie 3

Kofi Atta, Arthur Kennedy, Prof Asare and the likes of you what do we do to change the constitution of how contempt cases should be handled in the future? The judges acted like how a military dictator would line up people and shoot them to death. The judgement is full of vengeance. We all saw that the lawyers of the contemnors were unable to assist their clients because there was no rules and regulations of how contempt cases should be handled. All the lawyers involved in this contempt case only prostrated before the judges and begged for mercy.
We remember when Lawyer Attah Akyea tried to argue the case for his client, Ken Kuranchie in SC he was slapped with a heavier sentence than Sir John whose lawyer prostrated on the floor of the SC. You challenged the SC you are damned, you plead for mercy you are damned.
Let us help to reform the rules and regulations of contempt. The judges are human beings just like the military dictators.

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kissi Amuabeng on Jul 31, 2016 08:22
What do we do to change Contempt Laws
Kwaku Azar on Jul 31, 2016 15:26