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Ghana: The accreditation challenges in transnational educational ecology

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Comment: SMC University is accredited.

2016-08-06 01:14:17
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The Accreditation Challenges in Transnational Educ

On the accreditation issues of SMC University, the two authors get it totally wrong. First you need to understand the system of accreditation in Switzerland. Switzerland operates an open market policy when it comes to higher educational accreditation. There are HEI that are either established by the State or the Cantons, and this HEI institutions gain automatic recognition to enable them continue to receive state funding or support. There is the second tier of HEI that are private in nature but decide to submit themselves to Swiss relevant authorities for State or Cantonal recognition, in order to enable their students within Switzerland to attract state support while they offer their programmes at these institutions. Now, where SMC University comes in is the third tier of private HEI that mostly offer international programmes meant for international students. By Swiss Law, these institutions are not subjected to any form of accreditation by any Swiss authority, and yet the law allows them to operate and they do so legally. Judgement regarding the quality of the programmes they run are meant to be decided by the market. All they are required to do is to register as companies or a non-profit. Swiss authorities will tell you that these private HEI exist and run programmes that are not compatible with the Swiss educational system but it doesn't mean they are running programmes of a lower quality. Now, having the legal right to operate as a private HEI per Swiss Law, what most of the private HEI in Switzerland do is to step out of Switzerland itself and acquire what is referred to as programmatic accreditation. It is the reason the SMC University have acquired accreditation from the ACBSP for almost all their programmes. The ACBSP is an international body based in USA, which is recognised by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) based in the USA. It is an umbrella body for private international accreditation bodies based in the USA which also recognised by the US Department of Education. Under this body comes the prestigious AACSB which is often referred to as the gold standard for business school accreditation around the World. The ACBSP follows the AACSB in terms of reputation. But both are internationally recognised. Reputable educational institutions in EUROPE and AMERICA carry either of these accreditation labels.
Let me conclude by saying that I am not associated to the SMC University in anyway. I don't have any relation or friend doing a course at SMC. But I have studied quite extensively accreditation systems around Europe and America and with the matter of SMC I thought it was important to share this, so that innocent people will not suffer. I hope this helps. Thank you.

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ABDUL on Aug 6, 01:14
SMC University is accredited.