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Kanbon Napkem Ziblim was the hero on that day; the Germans won the battle but not the war!

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Comment: Sapashini and Kambonaa

Ibrahim Hardi
2016-08-28 16:36:25
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Kambonaa or sapashini came to Dagbon in the year 1717. The Ashanti's seek the help of Dagbon and later they were some exchange of ideas between Ashanti's and Dagbon. Ashantis were interested in slaves and some of it's people well know in guns those days came with Naa Gariba and he stationed them in a piece of land and their leader at that time was called boakye and they name it Boakyekrom currently in the savelugu district of the northern region of Ghana. Guns were not known in those days in the northern part of modern Ghana and Dagbon strength increased because Naa Gariba brought them to protect the Dagbon land and to take slaves from other nourbouring tribes to the Ashanti lands. That is why KANBON Naa sit on chairs and put on cloths and you can see or hear names like Kodjo,Montana,Adu. In the year 1715,King Osei tutu seek the help of Naa-Gariba. The king heard of Dagbonland tribe in the northern part and how powerful and the way their chiefs rule it's people. At the period,Dagbon had it's kings and chiefs for four hundred years. He decide to make friends with Dagbon so that he Osei tutu could learn hoW Dagbon chiefs rule it's people. That time Ashanti's were rule in tribes and were not united.He requested that,Naa -Gariba should be brought to Kumasi. Naa Gariba first refused that,he cannot rode horse to Kumasi and king Osei tutu said,he would send his people to carry him to Kumasi. He sent a lot of people to carry him and several of them die and he still insisted more men should be sent for that operation of bringing Naa Gariba to Kumasi. When Naa Gariba got there,he reliased Ashanti were always in war with other tribes. He make local bullet proof dress for them,now you can see the Ashanti chiefs wearing it in most occasions. He told Osei tutu to gather his tribe,he educate them how Dagbon people are united and the need for them to be united in order to be strong. Nana Gariba let them to shaves their heads,cut their long nails on that occasion as a sign of unity and togetherness. Each tribes brought its signs of piece of gold which he tired them together as the true sign of unity and they have to respect the chosen one anytime. He educate them how Dagbon chiefs ruled it's people, the warriors who defend the chiefs with bowls and arrows with their war dress that,nothing can penetrate. I don't have much time for now but watch out for my article on that.

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