President Mahama is not a womanizer

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Comment: Cheated Wives are Neccodemusly Dangerous

Nii Teiko
2016-08-31 06:02:43
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President Mahama is not a womanizer

Read Mahama: " There is this notion of me being a womanizer which is certainly not true”. “I have had children outside my marriage”. 

“But I am at peace with my wife”. “She understands the circumstances in which it happened” said President Mahama (Daily Guide/peacefmonline.com). This is very shameful of Prez Mahatma. In real life situation, most women who are repeated cheated in the matrimonial homes but refused to walk out of marriage neccodemusly become dangerous whores. Psychologically these women feel more satisfied to have sex, even with house-boys than they would with their husbands. And any time they have their ass waxed, they feel their husbands are punished. This sound stupid, but, trust me, women are so vulnerable, and behavior is crackalackin with them. Well this is a food for thought for Mahama. Now that he chose Akua Donkor Over Lordina, only God knows the size of the dildo she has for the boys.

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Nii Teiko on Aug 31, 2016 06:02
Cheated Wives are Neccodemusly Dangerous