President Mahama is not a womanizer

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2016-08-31 14:50:51
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President Mahama is not a womanizer

WHO TOLD YOU THAT Mahana is not a womanizer? Can someone help me on how to upload an audio here, i think i have to let out this audio at long last. I have pictures of the sister in the alleged audio but i don't want her pictures to go viral on social media, but for the audio I'll release it. She's my Christian mother's daughter and we're both in the church of Pentecost, she's in UK here. It's been almost two years now since it happened but the mother who gave me the audio begged me not to release it. She's a very beautiful daughter of my Christian mother, she's married and living with her husband in UK here. There was a certain program in Ghana within the government and she applied for a position as master of correspondent (MC) and she got the contract. After the first two days of the program one minister called her phone number and told her that the president says he's in love with her so he should talk to her on his behalf and bring her to the presidential palace to meet him ( president Mahama). She told the minister that she's married and cannot do that but the minister said to her that it's not that big deal because the president is also married too. The sister refused to accept the proposal and the minister called her again and said the president said she should mention any amount she wants and it will be given to her, or if she likes she should give them her account number and they will deposit an amount of 300,000 Ghana Cedis into her account even before they take her to the president at the presidential palace. And that after seeing the president they will give her another money and also buy her a first class ticket back to UK. She refused this also and told the minister that she's married and also a devoted Christian so she can't do that, so she called her mom in Europe and told her what's going on. She also recorded the phone conversations with the minister and sent it to her mom who also told me everything and forwarded the audio to me. The minister told her that if she'll not agree with the president's proposal then they will have no option but to cancel her contract, she agreed and her contract was terminated and she came back to UK. I really want to post this audio on Ghanaweb, i don't belong to any political party in Ghana but i want the guy who wrote this article to know that what he's saying is not true and that our president is really a womanizer. I want him to challenge me so that i send him the audio.

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