Is Rev. Prof. Martey a coward?

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Comment: Massa Kofi, Be Fair to the Prof

Nii Teiko
2016-09-04 03:31:15
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Re: Is Rev Prof Martey a Coward?

Your article on Prof Marty in March 2015 was baseless and unfair to the Prof. Yes, he said he could solve the Dumsor in six month. People just jump up an attacked him saying that he was rather doing the work of the opposition, instead questioning how how he was going to do that. I cannot comprehend why Ghanaians have all of a sudden allowed themselves to be hypnotized and bedeviled by the " ontumi'-'3ny3 yie' abayifuo syndrome. What did you say to Mahatma and his propagandist/malicious band of mischievous communication dogs when in less that a year after Prof Marty threw the challenge, it was announced in parliament, on March 3, 2016, by Haruna Iddrisu of"Adundum-dundumb no agyae' fame, that he is a happy man because dumsor is a thing of the past. Yes, and till date, the government is claiming the problem is solved.

You also got it wrong on the dogs issues when you made an analogy from a chapter of the book of Matthew in the Bible. The bible made it unambiguously clear that Jesus did not just asked those gamblers to leave the temple; he used excessive force to whip them, with a Moses-like rod, out of the temple. And this was Jesus himself so where could Prof Martey have gone wrong if he had allowed the dogs to bit off the big testicles that was dangling between the thighs of those 'bribing-contemnors'? And who said politics is exclusive right of polititians. Can you guys attack our teachers who hop from radio and television stations doing politics all the time. Don't they have students who share different political views? Leave the Asofo alone for they every right to take sides while contributing to our national discourse. Or does Separation of the Church from the State, a Constitutional provision as eshrined in the first amendment of the Constitution of the Republic forbid The Church and it's members from discussing National issues? I need answers!.

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Nii Teiko on Sep 4, 03:31
Massa Kofi, Be Fair to the Prof