Is Rev. Prof. Martey a coward?

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Comment: P/NDC apologist

2016-09-04 08:02:53
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Was Jesus a coward? Was Elisha a coward?


It is amazing how you are always on hand to "bat" for your good old friends.

If Prof Martey's "belated" disclosure had come in his written memoirs after his term as Moderator, would you still pulverise him?

The NDC has perfected bribe giving into an art. It is done in the open and NDC operatives gloat about it.

While Mahama doles out outboard motors and brand new cars to people, his wife goes "spraying" sewing machines

I bet if Prof Martey drops any names now, your next article will be a nice little lecture about proof and the burden of proof. I am sure you will be asking for a video recording

Prof Martey is only sharing his experiences as a past moderator of a very respected church and he does not need to mention any names or go to the police.

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Yaw on Sep 4, 08:02