Is Rev. Prof. Martey a coward?

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Comment: Is Rev Martey a coward ?

Landlord, Bolga
2016-09-04 10:26:10
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Is Rev Prof Martey a Coward?

Rev martey is not just a coward, but a nation recker who led the innocent flock down for long without us knowing and as it is said in the Holy book, "by their deeds they shall be known" he is exposed and known.
This is a man who defied the teaching of honesty, trustworthiness, etc of Christ Jesus for dishonesty, selfish and parochial interest for partisan and worldly gains. Whilst the Holy book teaches humility, guidance and forgiveness, he is teaching violence and other vices.
He is not just coward but as much corrupt as those politicians he claimed tried corrupting him. As a man of God who claimed he fear the LORD, how can he fear his fellow human in correcting him or her ? Why thinking of unleashing big dogs on sinners when the Scriptures can be unleash on them for correction, or it has suddenly become the scriptures according to Martey and not according to the Holy book ?
He should be ashamed of himself as a wolf in cassock.

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Landlord, Bolga on Sep 4, 10:26
Is Rev Martey a coward ?