Re: I’ll make corruption unattractive in my next term in office-Mahama

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Comment: Re: Mahama is A Thief

Mr Bond
2016-11-10 16:03:01
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Mahama is A Thief

Our imbecile president John Dramani Mahama has admit that corruption was a hallmark in his first term in his administration and he tolerated corruption and he only fool us to believe that as he claim he was fighting corruption.folks don't trust this criminal,folks as president thief John Dramani Mahama admit corruption was attractive in his first term and he will make it unattractive in his second is a gimmick and he is even encourage it more.folks,did you recall thief Mahama anthem?if you don't remember what he said every year and if you still don't recall then I will remind your that he said better days ahead next year you will see prosperity and money in your pocket not that promise never fulfill but all we see is blames upon NPP.Folks president John Dramani Mahama is a thief and a nation wrecker.

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Mr Bond on Nov 10, 2016 16:03