98% of election prophesies are fake - Apostle Kofi Nkansah-Sarkodie

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2016-11-12 09:43:20
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RE: Both Christianity n Islam ....

The most difficult concept we, the blacks are dealing with is "the not having God" but "gods" but the whiteman and Arabs have God or Allah. The latter will kill you stone dead today if you say something about their "God". The blackman's "god" always needs being rescued from. It may pain, but our problem is our "god" has no Book or sincerely speaking is there "a god"?

However, sincerely speaking in all things the manifestation of God must take different strands. First God Almighty does not need any mortal to even worship him or force any person to worship him. His messages from wherever you glean it from are simply meant to educate you. It is everywhere you look. Only the fool says there is no God. Not meant to insult but it is there for a reason. It pleases us all to segment God, but that does not change God. Mother Nature, Mind-God is all teaching us about God Almighty. No mortal can fight nature without strains. It will rain, the sun will shine, the tornadoes, the huricanes, physiological needs, urges to eat, to have sex are all acts of God and you will hurt yourself fighting Nature, i.e. God.

If God through citizens of a land decides 4 year renewable term for a President and the President has proved himself, it will not be in anybody's interest for God to change what the people have adopted. When ex-president J.A.Kufour was president on the ticket of NPP, he said 4 years is too short for any President. Has it now become too long now?

If it will please both Nana and Bawumiah to be kicked out of Office because they had not yet completed all their One village, One Dam Projects or 1 District 1 Factory Projects, then they should expect Ghanaians to kick a sincerely efficient and working President. If Pastors offer their church houses, only psychos will take up the challenge to burn it for that too will be arson, another sin. This is the world of God. Be happy in it.

Which country will wish to import cheap food instead of brace themselves for developmental projects. Was Rome built in a day? It is sincerely the people who speak on behalf of God - Latin "vos popoli vos Dieu"

The present Government has irrigation projects and dug outs to serve clusters of villages which could be improved as Governments do. Is this inefficiency?

All prophecies come from God and the concept is wrong that Arab and European God is God but the blackman has "god". Very wrong indeed. There is only one God. What we call the Whiteman's Book. In Deut 32:39: See now that I, even I, am he, and there is no god with me: I kill, and I make alive; I wound, and I heal: neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand. (King James Version)

Even this has to be understood. For God said "Dou shalt not kill" and what about all these killing? God gives us wisdom for God is God, Mother Nature and Mind-God.

When he speaks to you, it is God, your mind has not gone into overdrive. Do not let them destroy you. Never on account of another mortal heap abuse on God or their concept of God in as much as you are sure they are referring to the Almighty God. God is everything to everyone. Do not insult any God please for you would not know who you are insulting.

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