Let us vote wisely taking cue from the changing world political order

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Mr Bond
2016-11-16 01:13:19
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Let Us Vote Wisely Taking Cue from the Changing Wo

Our visionless president John Dramani Mahama has disappoint Ghana by signing deportation of Ghanaians citizen abroad when he sign the UE and US deportation agreement.Folks we saw how US deported Ghanaians in heavy chains like the days of slavery is the work of president John Dramani Mahama and now he is sell ECG and am calling on all Ghanaians that love Ghana to vote massively for Nana Ado and NPP parliamentary candidates to stop Mahama nonsense of selling ECG which will affect all Ghana from household usage to big industries.Folks president John Dramani Mahama who can't think is very dangerous for Ghana.The AKANS riddle state that the one taught cut a straight path did not know his back is bend.Folks let stop Mahama before we say had we know but it is too late.

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