How pollsters got it all wrong in US

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Comment: Long live the Akatamanso long live Ghana

Dziko Kwame
2016-11-16 07:36:26
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How Pollsters Got It All Wrong In US


Yours is a timely piece of alert to the Akatamanso Family and same comes from Kofi Ameko and Dawu of Ghanaweb SIL very frequently. All hands on deck!!!

I cannot speak for any Minister who is not seen as "campaigning", although I do believe that they are all deep inside.

Some of them, though, are appointees and who are NOT into mainstream politics, example Professor Nana Agyemang the Education Minister. She accepted to serve GHana through the Ministerial appointment hence we do not have to weigh it on her to go and be seen campaigning.

In the recent past, I know that Dr Kwabena Duffour the ex-Finance Minister (CPP) accepted to serve Ghana not only as Bank of Ghana Governor, but also in the NDC Cabinet. Hence we did not expect to see Dr Duffuor going round "campaigning" in that sense.

What pleases me most, on this note is that when the politically-tainted Dr Serebuor of the GH Medical Association messsed up recently, Dr. Duffuor rose from his retirement to correct him!!

The Ministers are busy, Ambassadors are busy I can vouch.

Long live the Akatamanso, long live Ghana

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Dziko Kwame on Nov 16, 2016 07:36
Long live the Akatamanso long live Ghana