Undesirable problems at the Arrival Hall of Kotoka International Airport

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Comment: Rockson, you have not travelled widely

2016-11-25 04:39:44
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Undesirable Problems at the Arrival Hall of Kotoka

I was a bit shocked when I read this piece. I only had to conclude that the writer has not travelled widely.
1. I have never seen the automated caller machines in any arrival hall in my life. I have used all the major airports (HLR, JFK, ORD etc) and all the smaller airports in the world and never saw such a thing.
2. About a transit/transfer route, no small airport has such a thing. You need such a route to lead to a waiting room in a specific terminal. As yourself how many terminals ACC airport has.

I am on my third passport and have travelled widely over the last 2 decades but I can't relate to what you are saying here.

I wish NPP wins mainly bcos of the woyome stuff but when it comes to NDC infrastructural devt stuff, NPP may not be able to make a good argument.

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Ed on Nov 25, 2016 04:39
Rockson, you have not travelled widely