Undesirable problems at the Arrival Hall of Kotoka International Airport

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2016-11-27 14:59:28
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Undesirable Problems at the Arrival Hall of Kotoka

Npp is feeling arrogant and elitist. Its in UP/Npp blood. Everybody is stupid but fir them and Gabby and Nana Addo. This article reeks of your elitism. Take this advise, NPP inciting violence will not save you from losing this election. You made a great mistake in choosing a wrong man Nana Addo as your leader. He is not. Secondly, you went ahead and agreed to Bawumia as a running mate. He lies and has no integrity. Unfortunately, you are contesting Pres John Mahama, a God fearing man with a vision for Ghana. A great leader of integrity who has proven record of solid achievement. He is also very handsome and looks very presidential. Something Ghanaian women like. He is being supported by a united NDC. A great party. NPP stands no chance on Dec7. Forget about violence and let Ghana win. Let peace reign. Get a better leader and prepare properly. Thank you for choosing and voting Pres John Mahama and the NDC. God bless you.

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Johnson on Nov 27, 2016 14:59
Re: Undesirable Problems at the Arrival Hall of Ko