How Haruna Iddrisu saved an NDC seat and got aggrieved party members to stay

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Comment: Aggrieved Party Members

Son of man
2016-12-14 18:05:30
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How Haruna Iddrisu saved an NDC seat and got aggri

Well, thank you for exposing this rather banal move by the NDC who pushed away hard working and loyal members by replacing them with stooges. The NPP had similar internal wranglings but handled theirs differently. This story further illustrates facts about the Mahama and NDC, push hardworking party loyalist out and replace them with cronies. His entire administration reflected same attitude. Appointing half baked and yes men does not guarantee anything. Mahama chose the easy way and thought that will benefit him. In, government where the lives of a population is at stake, you bring in hardworking, honest, and talented people to work for you even if they are not the people you agree with all the time. I hope this election has thought the entire NDC party a valuable lesson for the future. Look for honest and talented people next time.

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Son of man on Dec 14, 2016 18:05
Aggrieved Party Members