President-elect Nana Akufo Addo beware of the Ides of March

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Comment: conspiracy against the Akans continues

insight to the bone
2016-12-23 05:39:46
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President-elect Nana Akufo Addo beware of the Ides

Unity at the expense of justice will never bring peace but only fertilize the soil of hate and resentment. We are tired of leaders who in order to woo the enemy dole out our cash and in the name of positive discrimination leave our people neglected. Remember Nkrumah. There can be no SADA NDA or what have yous as long as our people are in dire need and have not reached the standard of the 21st century as we see in western democratic societies , continue and we shall turn against you Mr future president.
Plain and simple NDC is not a political party but the megaphone and conduit of a hegemony/tribalism treacherous insidious movement of Ewes Northerners and haters/traitors of the Akan. They wooed and deceived the left wing aspirations and heritage of the Akan people but installing a few naive genuine patriots or impeccable characters like Mills to front their true criminal genocide agenda. Any nation that allows murder of the leaders to go unpunished no matter the lying propaganda justification is doomed to failure and that is a fact of history , NDC has continuously found it necessary to murder all Akan leaders starting from Kotoka's wickedness, to Acheampong and now Mills. We Akans can not call these Ewes and Northerners brothers if their most intimate desires is our destruction stemming from deep pathological hate and is manifested in their style of govt which has always been very destructive and retrogressive , be it the buga buga rawlings or the family and friends corruption/looting of Mahama. We thank Akans of the left wing inclination for showing their support to remove this criminal mafia by not excising their right not to vote and therefore leaving the NDC high and dry.They know the Akans are half right wing and the other half left wing so their calculation election engineering required that they stick to the hegemony of the Ewes and fanatical Islamic discrimination mixed with tribalism of the northerners and they would win hands down every election, little did they know that the ideological left wing of the Fanti speaking people and the Brong Ahafo are far more sophisticated and can not be fooled by no one forever. Next year we will see and witness the true extent of the destruction and expose with real proofs the colonization by Ewes and Northerners of the wealth of the Akans . Justice should be enforced not these fake laws that have so many loop holes that true justice in the interest of the people is elusive. We witness how thew Mahama family now have control of all natural resources including reserves of Bauxite and iron ore so frustrated and sabotaged every effort at industrialization and construction of railway networks as they did not want the people to get wealthy by adding value and exporting . Its easier to manipulate ignorant illiterate impoverished people. They sneer scoff and laugh as they know these and other impediments and obstacles will seriously slow down NPP's deep desire to secure a true development for our people , yes the battle goes on and the only way is to cut these pepeni/ayigbe out of our country so we gain new independence.People are focused on trivial issues and shocking crimes that they are loosing sight of the broad picture of the tragedy that has befallen our people. sign contracts for someone else to supervise ,execute and pay for is absurd not to say out right criminal . Today we have a govt that embarked on a Saudi style Islamic govt whereby all the wealth and natural resources belong to the Saudi family and the nation is practically none existent. Today we see how the family Mahama now own all concessions for Bauxite , iron ore and other minerals contrary to the stipulations in the constitution and nobody is talking about that, the privatization and colonization of Akan lands by the wicked pepeni/ayigbe mafia oppressors.

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