MANASSEH’S FOLDER: The undiplomatic diplomat and the hypocrites

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2016-12-30 15:04:36
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Manasseh's western apology

Why do Africans are always quick to say that African wealth flow from Africa is been used to develope the western world? I would like someone to stand up and prove with statistics because i believe those believes are nothing but myths
Why do we always console ourselves that the western world are taken our wealth away? Do you mean shipping your raw materials to them for a finished goods is taken something from you? I think it is about time we stop running around making those statements and look forward to doing something for ourselves. The only people stealing from Africa are the politicians and their families. I get so pissed anytime i read such statement from African after the western world had dashed out millions of the taxpayers money to stupid and good for nothing politicians in Africa.

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Anokye on Dec 30, 2016 15:04