Has Mugabe indeed been rejected a British visa?

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Comment: Re: NPP Morons !!!

2017-01-03 12:58:05
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NPP Morons !!!

Opana this your nonsense is what sent your party to a humiliating and miserable defeat. Rawlings is right that those uncouth and uncultured bad evil members of his party must be discarded and you are one of them. He want to build a party that is patriotic to Ghana not their stomach and party. How I wish to see those sent packing from the ndc. Mmoa kwaa calling themselves politicians,ndc is will take a heculian task to wipe off the 1.5 million before winning any election in Ghana. Thank God he gave Ghanaians the power to send you away in a gargantuan,humiliated and miserable spectacular way. Dadiama, next time protrude your big and loud mouth on Ghanaians again.

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METWEEEEW on Jan 3, 12:58
Re: NPP Morons !!!