Has Mugabe indeed been rejected a British visa?

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Comment: Re: Has the Montie FM "Pampaso" Programme Present

The Future Force
2017-01-03 13:24:24
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Has the Montie FM "Pampaso" Programme Presenter

Will Mugabe because he has been refused a UK visa? comlet nonsense! Is the UK visa a lifeline to humans? Those who travel abroad and bring stuffs home, is it not the ordinary Ghanaians who buy them? For those of you who glory for such shit pieces of paper in your passport, think again. For me, the UK is just as ordinary as any other county to me. Those European countries having presence here hugely depends on African countries to support their economy and survive. If all African countries refuse to but European products, they will come begging us. I am not calling for that but they need us more than we need them.

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The Future Force on Jan 3, 13:24
Re: Has the Montie FM "Pampaso" Programme Present