Has Mugabe indeed been rejected a British visa?

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Comment: The Montie 3 and others must b revisited

2017-01-03 16:51:50
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Has the Montie FM "Pampaso" Programme Presenter

Npp should not allow the case to die,this tree idiots got their way out but there were others who said similar things and was not sighted for contempt,Oti Bless who was made a deputy minister before NDC defeat must be called to answer,one Kweku Boahin who's on video saying on the day of the election they the NDC ll beat voters up that some could not cast their votes,and that some ll be be in the cuew but won't be allow to vote,must also be call by the police to tell us where he got that powers from.If we don't punish such people and allow them to get away with such crime,then this country ll not move forward,otherwise this ll go on all the time,we should let them know that once your party loses power you can be call to answer.Nana Addo and Npp should remember what people said about him,he was charge for not dealing with people who killed Npp members during kumepreko,Wiemeoreko and Siemepreko demonstrations when Npp finally won power and he was made attorney general,so we don't ve to allow this guys get away with the crimes they committed whiles in office.

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Yussif on Jan 3, 16:51
The Montie 3 and others must b revisited