Has Mugabe indeed been rejected a British visa?

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Comment: Re: Has the Montie FM "Pampaso" Programme Present

Atto Mensah
2017-01-04 04:13:59
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Has the Montie FM "Pampaso" Programme Presenter

This man who calls himself educated must really be a pig to dish out such unprintable lunatic words a co Ghanaian who did his work to the admiration of some Ghanaians who may be brainier than the so called adofo. Shame into his parents for this type of uncouth child they brought up to worry us. In any case was the so called adofo not more stupid and vulgar than salifu masses in his vituperations. God bless Ghana

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Atto Mensah on Jan 4, 04:13
Re: Has the Montie FM "Pampaso" Programme Present