Has Mugabe indeed been rejected a British visa?

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2017-01-05 11:21:14
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Re: Has the Montie FM "Pampaso" Programme Present

Yaa let's face fact. I m sure u mean well by saying u want to come home. But when you were going you thought it was heaven, right? If you mean business pack your bags and Nigeria must go now and come home. This is your home so you don't need your soo called circumstances to change. To change for the worse or better? If it gets better will you want to come home? Don't expect us here to clean this place for you to come and enjoy. You created this mess before you left so come back and help clean up . Bad weather and bills are killing you. They should. Stay there and die. Are you better off than those who are there? Lazy ass. If you live in Ghana here you want the government or even your husband to give you things for free. You bastard. Stay there and continue to enjoy the bad weather and pay your bill as a responsible normal human being . You Malafaka.

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Buntuman on Jan 5, 11:21