Rev Owusu Bempah, NDC’s sixteen years prophecy is mine

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Think twice Nana Addo
2017-01-18 18:14:32
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Rev Owusu Bempah, NDC’s sixteen years prophecy i

Pray for the government to succeed and that will guarantee the chances of the party winning another elections. from where I sit a lot of people are disappointed in the government's appointment and if it continuous I dint think NPP can survive after 4 years. It is insane for a development country like Ghana will make secondary school education free. annual budget of a 3000 secondary school population at a fee of GH750per head for 3 terms is ghc6,750,000. just 1 secondary school. combine an average of 500 schools ghc3,375,000,000(3.375 Billion) and government is loosing this money which can increase teachers salaries and buy houses for the. The western is making education free because their developed. almost all the teachers have mortgages. Please Nana create enabling environment for businesses to flourish and will vote for you again and stop this free free things

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Think twice Nana Addo on Jan 18, 2017 18:14