Has His Excellency the President Indeed been Blocked

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Comment: K . A. Agyapong

B ghanattah
2017-02-17 22:49:12
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Has His Excellency the President Indeed been Block

Rockson, I enjoy and like your pieces because you tell it like it is. On this one let's agree to disagree. Once s traitor always a traitor. If if is true that these two fellas, Agyei and Afoko were on the take from NDC nation wreckers then these two must be let go. You see how the leakages stopped after their suspension. The secret IT group of Anokye would have been raided by Mahama' s henchmen, and NPP would be in opposition today. No mercy. Get rid of them. They were in bed with the enemy. Good riddance.

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B ghanattah on Feb 17, 2017 22:49