Rejoinder: Council of state members must justify GHC13,000 monthly salary

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Comment: Still no justification

2017-03-14 03:09:31
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Rejoinder:- Council of state members must justify

I can't believe the Acting Secretary to the Council of State wrote this. If you are calling out the CDD for asking the Council of State Members to justify how much they are being paid monthly; you need to do better than this vague letter.

1. Tell us exactly how much they are paid if you are disputing CDDs claim
2. Justify why we need a Council of State. Holding 3 meetings already this year does not mean anything for the average Ghanaian. We need more tangible indicators as to the work they actually do and why their salaries are justified.

Try again.

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Esi on Mar 14, 2017 03:09