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I am not a lebanese but...

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2017-03-28 21:52:51
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I am not a lebanese but...

My friend;that was the point of the whol scenario and truth must be told ..it is only "gimmick" or shallow minds who will treat this as xenophobic.The truth is;the supervisor action was wrong and way out of control that prompted many as racist fellow..It is uncommon for supervisor to whacked employee with pepper;what was was going through his mind.Was he wasn't through some drugs,having issue at home or trying to demean the co-worker.if there's no answer to these question then there was something in his heart and what was in his heart racial empathy.And so what if references to light colour skin charity in Ghana ;providing whatever;no body cares.what we care,that fellow has committed what was unthinkable that is what everybody about not about light tone skin charity;who cares!!

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Dessie on Mar 28, 2017 21:52
Re: I am not a lebanese but...