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I am not a lebanese but...

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Comment: Re: Ain't seen nothing yet

2017-03-29 20:36:24
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Re: Ain't seen nothing yet

Dessie, what you have written is actually the crap!

I belong to one of the so-called minorities who are regularly insulted and demonised here on Ghanaweb by some mentally warped members of the Akan ethnic group. That doesn't mean all members of the Akan ethnic group are bigots and xenophobes, not to mention all Ghanaians, as you sought to deduce from what Joseph wrote.

Btw, your qs are out of place. From what we have read so far, it appears that the pepper splashed on her face accidentally, and not intentionally.

Let's await the evidence and the court's ruling, instead of fanning xenophobic attacks on all Lebanese.


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THE REAL C.Y. ANDY-K on Mar 29, 2017 20:36
Re: Ain't seen nothing yet