An open letter to Ghana's Vice-President Dr. Mahhamudu Bawumia

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Comment: Kofi Thompson must be joking!

2017-04-01 13:26:32
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An open letter to Ghana's Vice-President Dr. Mahha

This is nothing but a ploy to yet again swindle our people with this notion of 'Toxin-free mining' crap and all the drum-beating praise by Kofi Thompson of Dr. Albert Jalbout's so called invention. Kofi should seriously consider pitching this to the Mining Multinationals of the world because they will gladly trod along the Arizona desert to get a piece of this action.

Many questions come to mind but perhaps the one that jumps to the fore is: what are the environmental effects of this wonder discovery? We are trying to solve the devastating environmental effects of Galamsey and not make things any worse. But the good news is, Dr. Bawumia is smarter than heeding to such baseless and scientifically unproven suggestions like this.

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No-No-No on Apr 1, 13:26
Kofi Thompson must be joking!