A democracy of abundant lawlessness anchored in mediocrity.

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Comment: why now?

Abora King Solomon
2017-06-01 15:59:45
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A democracy of abundant lawlessness anchored in me

I'm with much surprise of the way people are wailing to this issue as if this is the first time we are experiencing such inhuman incidents or is it because it has now happened to real human being?why am I saying this?is it because it doesn't Concern me or I'm also inhuman to feel pain?the answer is big No!we can all bear witness that on countless occasion has incidents of this kind happened and what did we hear from our leaders and the law enforcers ?Nothing •is it because those victims were civilians ?sometimes our attitudes are very hypocritical and disheartened •may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace

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Abora King Solomon on Jun 1, 15:59