Honour your father and the revolution - The antidotes to our failures

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Comment: June 4

Jonathan Afari
2017-06-02 09:04:08
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Honour your father and the revolution - The antido

Come someone tell me the beneficial essence on June 4 that we need to hournor or celebrate?
People of Ghana, can we rise up to abolish certain habbits and behaviors of our leaders who think everthing they say and do can be accepted by his citizens.No! It about time our leaders should hope the best for his people.If not so,then we going to lose the respect,love,care,unityand so on.
Sharing of blood,we think is a sign of sacrifice to our nation as a whole.But I ask,what benefits that it bring to a nation if innocent souls are being slaughtered out.
Our hope is in the hands of our leaders if we dont fight to gain it then,we would have a sad face beneath the sun .Fighting I mean,we need to order our steps right,making good choices to give to the citizens a better future.
We can live a good life,if we set our priority right and let the past be gone forever.leaving the present for the present will be better of with know discontinuity spirit.
Ghana as a nation!if theres no descipline in the right manner,there will be a disaster.And there,bodies of innocent souls will be burried..
Think of Ghana,think of good things.
Pray for hope,Pray for the better!
God bless our nation Ghana and make it stronger than ever!Peace.

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Jonathan Afari on Jun 2, 09:04
JAMESTA on Jun 4, 21:40