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Comment: Longest Head of State but look at Ghana

Yaw Yeboah
2017-06-02 12:43:34
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Mob justice started with Rawlings.

Rawlings has been Head of State for the longest period in the history of Ghana.
Initially, we were assured that he came to root out corruption & yet this remains a larger problem now than existed in 1979. When handing over power to the NPP, after the 2000 Election, the interest rate & inflation was over 40% and therefore, if President Mahama was judged to have performed poorly with interest rates over 20% what verdict should be given to Rawlings? Can someone please explain to me the positive achievements of the revolution & how after leading Ghana for 19 years, how the country has progressed & developed?

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Yaw Yeboah on Jun 2, 12:43
Longest Head of State but look at Ghana
JAMESTA on Jun 4, 21:40