China’s offer of US$2 Billion to Ghana must not derail the Nation’s war on galamsey

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Comment: Why Ghana cannot develop!!

2017-06-25 17:19:55
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China’s offer of US$2 Billion to Ghana must not

I am sad to admit to all well meaning and Ghana loving readers out here that Ghana, our country cannot and will never develop, creating the opportunities we all hunger for. Before you stone me across the Internet let me make myself clear; There is a succinct difference between the mentality of the rich and that of the poor. Poor people generally purchase liabilities and have a poor relationship with money while rich people buy appreciable assets with the principal motivation of increasing wealth. It is simply a different approach of living life.
I say authoritatively that Ghana cannot develop because those who are charged to lead seem to always have a poor mentality; be it ministers or high ranking public servants. They are incapable of considering the public good. Their primary motivation is to steal everything and whatsoever is not nailed to the ground. If by happenstance any of these rogues are caught embezzling public funds, there is lots of noise making for sometime after which there is deafening silence. There is no accountability for wrong-doing. Compare that with developed countries where ministers and former presidents have been punished and jailed for using their influence to benefit their cronies. I am not speaking of blatant stealing here. In our country, the same resources needed to develop the country is what is finding its way into private pockets to finance their lavish lifestyles. What really upsets and aggravates me the most is that not only are they stealing the future of the nation but they do it in style; with arrogance and with no sense of modesty. As for me I have already prayed to God that if there is such a thing as reincarnation I do not want to find myself a second time in this abominable part of the world. I have also pleaded with the creator to let me back however if Ghanaians become radical enough to find it in ourselves to have every person who heads a public institution or becomes a minister to take an oath at a Ghanaian shrine. Development will certainly overtake us if we do because not only will truth become a way of life, it would also catapault us to where we belong on the international stage because Ghanaians are indeed awesome by creation.

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Truth on Jun 25, 2017 17:19