China’s offer of US$2 Billion to Ghana must not derail the Nation’s war on galamsey

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Kwabena Yeboah
2017-06-25 23:41:33
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China’s offer of US$2 Billion to Ghana must not

"Yes, Ghana is in dire need of money to carry out some projects capable of creating jobs for the youth." - Rockson Adofo

How so Mr. Adofo? Does NPP need money to run the country? An incoming government that needs money to run the country will not begin its mandate by slashing taxes left and right. How many tax holidays has Ghana Parliament meted out to foreign companies? If Ghana Parliament claws back all the devious tax holiday agreements, including JA Kufuor's diabolical 15-year tax holidays gift to Anglogold, Ghana will be swimming in tax revenue to speed up the country's development agenda.

Does the clueless NPP have a fiscal policy? While countries like Singapore and Holland that do not have one-half of our natural resources have developed their two countries using effective fiscal policies, we in Ghana bereft of all common sense are giving away taxes which could have speeded up our development in shady deals, The diabolical JA Kufuor NPP gave Anglogold in 2003 15 years tax holiday in addition to leasing our rich gold fields for example; Obuasi, Prestea, etc. to Anglogold for 65 good years. What idiot is an African?

Singapore, a marshy land, a country with no natural resources is now among the top countries in the world per capita, and our own Ghana overflowing with every natural resource one can think of is cap in hand begging for handouts! Doesn't that say a lot about our people - useless and lacking conviction of purpose as people?

This bozo Bawumia goes to China by Chinese invitation and is handed over US$2bn Chinese loan under the guise of supporting 'the one district, one factory' NPP boondoggle. A loan the NPP government never solicited - it was just handed to these blockheads on a silver platter. So what happens when Akufo-Addo's cabinet have issues pertaining to Chinese in the country or China the country? Ghana's sovereignty is in peril - the sovereignty for which Sergeant Adjetey lost his life is now in the hands of the Chinese due mainly to the stupidity of Bawumia.

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Kwabena Yeboah on Jun 25, 2017 23:41