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Research: Why marriages are ‘breaking down’ in Wa Central

It’s a pathetic and sad topic to discuss but we have to since it is a concern to us. We cannot allow it to continue but to be factual, some people of Wa are arrogant and imitate others. That is their problem. Let us be unique for once. Our fingers are not the same.

Upperwestmedia.net has conducted a research and this shows why marriages cant last longer in the Wa Municipality.

1. Marrying the wrong woman for Love
2. Overspending on Women: That is not what they need; they need to know the truth. Teach them how to fish, not giving them fish always. Even an animal relocates to another land that is 'fertile' when their current vicinity is not providing their basic needs. Do not ever spend so much on a woman to lure her into marriage with the perception that she would stay. Most women find it difficult to adhere to change that has to do with enduring hard times. How do you expect them to face people they bragged, behaved arrogantly and spoke harshly to in the past, forgetting that the people you meet going up would be met on your way down. Avoid putting yourself into a position you do not fit into. If you want to get there, then work hard till you get there. Then after making it in life, you can show off humbly.


3. Expensive Marriages: Marry expensive and sleep hungry? No marriage has ever survived on such a formulae. Don’t ever go for a loan to organize an expensive marriage even if people push you to do so. People who encourage such extravagant occasions hate you. Do the little you can. If she is not satisfied and wants more, let her go. It is all about sacrifices till the end. Otherwise, you will be compelled to spend on the wedding and when times get tough, she will abandon you. Those who encouraged you to organize that extravagant wedding will laugh at you should the marriage collapse. Pay no heed to them since they will not embark on the marriage journey with you. Do not marry women with so many single and searching female friends or in the end those same friends will lure her out. Remember, before you marry her, make sure she loves you more than you love her. Don’t ever marry a woman you are madly in love with. Otherwise, you are most likely to be miserable in your marriage. Note: if she controls you so much, then you are possessed. Get spiritual help because it is either she has been mixing your food with concoctions or she has placed you under a spell.

4. Family Interference in marriage: Most family members who are not happy with your choice of woman may react unfriendly towards her, force her to react negatively in return and in the end, compel you to terminate the marriage. So it is advisable you get your own apartment, distant from your family house. Distance from family members has helped so many marriages to last. Don’t be close to your family for any reason. Your sister or your mother can end your marriage, so move away from them. You can visit them from time to time.

5. Lastly, spiritual influence in marriage has caused marriages to end, usually when the spell placed on the victim gets broken. Most men or women seek spiritual manipulation from gods to lure someone they want into marriage, forgetting that when the impact of the spell fades, the marriage is likely to end. That is what our people have resorted to and this has ended so many marriages.

If this is the option you plan to choose, then have a change of mindset to try something rational because if it is not meant to be, it will never be. It is a temporal thing and you, the instigator can run mad.

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