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Cybercrime in Assin South - Who are those adding fuel to the fire?

An American actress, Pauley Perrette said, "I've always hated criminals and crime. Life is hard enough without someone walking into your life on purpose and making it worse". In this difficult era that we thrive, getting money for one’s basic needs is more or less pretty tough.

I am certain and I have living witnesses who can attest to the fact that "in this Ghana that we are in", in this perpetual economic difficulty we're experiencing, it is not easy to make money. The youth of today have therefore taken to a way of ‘fetching’ money from people without working. This immoral means of getting money is really appalling but gradually it is gaining roots in many parts of the country.

My district and the nation as a whole will not be a good and peaceful place to live, if you and I don’t stand for the right thing. Chiefs and elders are seen as heads in our society. They are expected to direct the folks to achieve the best, correct and rebuke the wrongs and show the right ways to development. How is it that some of those we look up to as leaders are rather leading in crime?

In my previous article, I called on Chiefs, elders to take immediate measures to help stamp out the back friend fraud "419" now obvious everywhere in Assin. Some of those I expected to help eradicate this evil are rather fueling this acts.

On Friday 07:07:17, Oscar Adewu Dadzi, a news editor and reporter at Rich FM and Peace FM respectively, on Rich FM Ossinman’s invisible paper reading show, sent a word of caution to Elders from a town called Assin Nsuta to desist from calling the police to free the youth when caught for committing such crimes. The town is known as the second headquarters of frauding, 419, sakawa (Cybercrime) in Assin South District.

I wonder why some leaders of such high reputation could cause such trauma. Is this not more than fueling the ‘evil fraudulence’ among the youth? Hmm! they should bear in mind that "he who does not prevent a crime when he can, encourages it". Instead of such leaders to embolden the police in annulling such crimes, they are rather doing the opposite. We leave everything in the hands of the almighty. Posterity shall be our Chief Justice.

"My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God's side, for God is always right" - Abraham Lincoln. The Ghana Police Service (GPS) is the main law enforcement agency of Ghana with motto “Service with integrity”. Anyone who finds him/herself in this fraternity is expected to exhibit the above mentioned standard of service to Ghanaians.

The vision of the service is “to be a world class Police Service capable of delivering planned, democratic, protective and peaceful services up to standards of international best practice”. Striving at all times to uphold the law in a courteous, fair, firm and impartial manner in order to win public confidence is falling off nowadays.

It seems some of the policemen were mistakenly recruited into the police service and assigned to serve in our district. I can sense that when police forms were out during their time, they were in a hurry, rushing to purchase them as if they truly wanted to serve the nation without malice and ill will. A policeman who swore to serve and protect the nation against crimes now alert criminals to flee arrest. Are they trying to tell us they never took oath of secrecy?

They take money from these fraudsters and giving them the go ahead to carry out such unethical and indiscipline actions. Insecurities are rather blamed on the government, when in reality, these greedy policemen are behind it.

If they are ignorant of the police service ethics, they should humbly seek for it before they realize that, ignorantia iuris nocet "not knowing the law is harmful". I second Rich FM calling police inspectors in this district to duty with the motive of watchdogging their boys’ at work to avoid the absence of trust and behaving foolishly or improperly in public.

Those parents who are shamelessly bail their mischievous wards when they are arrested by police will soon reap what they are sowing. They are digging their own graves!

As a constituent activist, aiming to serve God and country, I have no ulterior motive to make hurtful untrue statements about my district. Indeed, exercising one’s legal rights is not a criminal act, is it? Hence, I find it quite pleasing to ink my opinion to help extirpate this satanic act creating an uproar among the citizenry, in the solidarity that vox populi, vox Dei,"the voice of the people is the voice of God".

Having ending this piece, Ghana Police Service, parents, Chiefs and Elders should take a breath and inculcate this legal maxim to their conscience (salus populi supreme lex esto "let the good of the people be the supreme Law").

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