Several years of incertitude over the cause of President Mills demise

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Comment: Deceitful Atta Mills

Charles Agbenu
2017-07-25 16:38:18
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Several years of incertitude over the cause of Pre

Ata Mills is a humble man.
Prof J A Mills was a big cheat.

Dr Cadman Mills is not his twin brother as he claimed after all. His hometown was not Otuam as he claimed.

His meetings with UN Sec General Kin Moon in Accra and Washington, almost 1 yr apart in same tie , same shirt, same shoes, same suit was strange. It was just to deceive the people that he went to USA to do official duty but not to seek medical attention.

After his death TB Joshua claimed Mills visited him in Nigeria 3 times to seek help.

The journeys were not recorded pby Parliament. Mills there fore made secret journeys abroad in violation of the rules.

He did executive forgery of letters to conceal the Regimanuel house gift. The Sunday the so-called letter of request was signed and forwarded to Regimanuel , Mills was on official visit to Brong Ahafo Region.

Some people die out of Cancer of the kidneys.
Some women die out of Cancer of the breast.

Prof Mills clearly died out of cancer of Deceit.

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