Lessons from the eventful life of the ageing Chief Francis Arthur Inzeribe of Nigeria and Ghana

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Comment: Chief Arthur's

Concerned Citizen..
2017-08-08 21:47:38
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Lessons from the eventful life of the ageing Chief

Enough of the Vanity Upon Vanity. If you have ever tested real poverty you will appreciate what it means to be wealthy. I bet you if this man has not accumulated wealth, by this time he would have died ,buried and forgotten.How do you think those medics we hired, it cost money of course . Moreover 78years is no joke, and people want to bastardized this man for being wealthy. Those who want to be poor can remain poor with their sweet sermons. If they have ever been poor, they will appreciate wealth and enjoy it.... Chief Arthur you have done your bit ,your present condition is a natural phenomenon....You are a Great man

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Concerned Citizen.. on Aug 8, 21:47