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Blame Mahama, not Rawlings

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Comment: Propaganda for Mr. Rawlings

Prof Lungu
2017-08-13 13:49:04
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Blame Mahama, not Rawlings

We are wondering if this is the same Kwaku Badu, we believe that was the name, who was all about or organizing and promoting the CPP on this same Ghanaweb portal, around 2004-2008!

We normally do not get into this intra-party/inter-party "scandals".

But, knowing some aspects of the Rawlings record, separate from the boomerang effects as someone pointed out the other day, we read this piece and saw nothing but propaganda for Mr. Rawlings.

For instance, Kwaku Badu, with his "scandalized" mind, sees no avenues for "blaming" BOTH Mahama and Rawlings.


How objective is this man, and who does he take his "readers" to be?

Fools who can only think in binary terms?


READ: "...First, former President Rawlings is a true Ghanaian and a statesman, so there is nothing wrong for him to speak against corrupt practices...".

WE SAY: How many "true" citizens of any country does Kwaku Badu know who also have an "Indemnity Claus" for protection, who, almost monthly, rails against people he perceives to be corrupt but have not once challenged them with facts; not once told the people how he financed his children's education; not once told his fellow "citizens" how much taxes he has paid as a true Ghanaian and Statesman on incomes received over the years; why over the years he has never said a word about the fraudulent Ghana oil contracts engineered by the NPP and the NDC even though Mr. Rawlings has had ample opportunity to do so?

Corruption by high level officials!

Deal with that, Kwaku Badu!

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Prof Lungu on Aug 13, 2017 13:49
Propaganda for Mr. Rawlings