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The creation of new regions and development

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Comment: Don't Rush Into Doing This

Marcus Ampadu
2017-08-25 19:46:48
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The creation of new regions and development

The rationale given by the Hon. Dan Kwaku Botwe, claiming that the creation of six additional regions was "destined to enhance proper management of Ghana's resources to boost development ", may have convinced the rubber stamped Council of State, but I for one, was not impressed.

My conviction and understanding come with labeling and diagrams, and I expected the Minister for Regional Re-organization, Mr. Botwe to be diagrammatic or, to illustrate how the resources management of the six new
regions would enhance their development.

Truthfully, I am baffled by the omission of the Ashanti Region & Eastern Region from the re-organization. Is it economic, political or both?

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Marcus Ampadu on Aug 25, 2017 19:46
Don't Rush Into Doing This