What does AMERI and mandatory towing levy have in common?

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Comment: Reckless analysis

2017-08-29 19:10:13
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What does AMERI and mandatory towing levy have in

Without bothering reading the full article this becomes a 'Political stunt',hypocrisy and attention seeking based of the fact that Ghana went through energy crises where Kuffour could not solved the issue and and Mills tackled it and left for Mahama to continue .The citizen became frustrated and hunted Mahama government to solved the energy burden and that let to the fast track of acquiring Ameri/Karpower.Upon acquiring the electric
Power call Karpower transfer to national grid Ghanaians saw changes,changes came but the fact and the matter is energy is costly,those invest in Nuclear power,it cost money but most reliable means of acquiring permanent solution to energy crises and using that to score political point as a professor,My son at second year university will argue that this analysis is useles.And again,on the towing fee policy,I strongly believe legislature was passed in parliament before it was introduced on that not I will say "winner take all" system of democracy is a "gimmick" and we need constitutional change

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