A critique of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Bill by Martin Amidu

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Comment: Interesting and nice to read review

2017-09-06 16:07:35
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A critique of the Office of the Special Prosecutor

Suffice to say I am not a lawyer but for once the principle and import of the argument as espoused here in this review is not lost on me. I also think it is not for him to summarise anything, competent lawyers bei g paid with the tax payers money should be able to isolate the key points of the review for digestion. Mr Martin did well by explaining the context, rational and principle behind the formulation of this bill. He continued with the instrument establishing the office, he talks about the supposed independence of the office vis a vis the suggested governing board, the appoint of the deputy and other auxiliary staff and their loyalty and control as well as the qualification required to occupy the post of SP. If a lay person such as myself is able to digest this then the lawyers could do a better job of it.

4 once thank you Mr Amidu

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