Mahama must enroll his children under Free SHS – Chairman Wontumi

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Ama Kotei
2017-09-13 13:50:56
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Mahama must enroll his children under Free SHS –

I am so very much surprised at this statement from the chief of kokrobite that the land guards are not acting on his behalf in this forcible takeover of many lands and demolition of houses in the area by the land guards. Fact is, over the last three weeks armed landguards have been moving in a convoy of vehicles accompanied by a bulldozer and other equipment forcibly pulling down single rooms on lands within kokrobite, Tuba Fulani and Bortianor hills. In some cases nursing mothers and the aged in single rooms who are caretakers of these lands have been thrown out in this cold weather. some of these lands were acquired legitimately by Ghanaians working abroad who are putting money together to come home and build on lands they have acquired. I live at Fulani also called Bortianor hills so I know what I am talking about. when I asked the landguards they why they were forcibly taking over lands and destroying property, they told me that the exercise had the full blessing of Nana Addo, the President of Ghana. They mentioned that the Chief of Kokrobite and the IGP were in the know and they the landguards had the full backing of the IGP and the military command and the chiefs in the area. Now my submission is this. I expect the IGP and his men to as a matter of urgency summon these chiefs and landguards in the area to a meeting to investigate this lawlessness by the chiefs and landguards in the Bortianor hills and fulani as well as the kokrobite area. The truth is that these lands have been acquired legitimately by their owners but according to the land guards the IGP and some government appointees came to see the chiefs and asked for lands in the area. This case is indeed setting the stage for a massive bloodshed and this can be avoided if the IGP sends his men to visit the area and all lands in the area that have been taken over by these land guards. Even fenced lands have had their concrete walls pulled down. Some of them two plots four plots amongst others and I mean over 200 plots of land that have been acquired legitimately by Ghanaians have been affected in Fulani Tuba /Bortianor hills alone all behind the hills facing the tollbooth on the kasoa road in Accra. This is certainly how landguards and chiefs are making the president and government unpopular and the President and IGP must act now. Owners of these affected lands are also arming themselves for a showdown with the land guards and this impending bloodletting can be stopped. Just drive to Fulani/Bortianor hills and ask even a child to show you the lands that the landguards have pulled down walls and forcibly taken over. Journalists have so much to cover about this story for their media houses

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Ama Kotei on Sep 13, 2017 13:50