I won’t allow my children to attend Akufo-Addo’s Free SHS - Former Minister

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Comment: shallow minded man.

2017-09-17 12:26:18
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I won’t allow my children attend Akufo-Addo’s

This shows how shallow minded some ppl are but yet they want to be called honorable. U don't deserve that title. Go to hell. At a point some ndc leaders say they started it, now this is what u are saying. God LL punish u!

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Kwasi on Sep 17, 2017 14:23
PAS DE NONSENSE on Sep 17, 2017 14:28
Kissi on Sep 17, 2017 11:52
Hon. Kyei-Badu on Sep 17, 2017 12:01
KT on Sep 17, 2017 12:26
shallow minded man.
Nana (USA) on Sep 17, 2017 13:10