I won’t allow my children to attend Akufo-Addo’s Free SHS - Former Minister

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Comment: Won't allow my children

2017-09-17 12:49:43
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I won’t allow my children attend Akufo-Addo’s

Kwasiaaaa you and your fucking John Mahama God go punish you and your descendants. Instead of thinking of tb welfare of the general population you want to amass wealth for your family. Poverty mentality, we don't need leaders of your caliber

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Kwasi on Sep 17, 2017 14:23
PAS DE NONSENSE on Sep 17, 2017 14:28
Kissi on Sep 17, 2017 11:52
Hon. Kyei-Badu on Sep 17, 2017 12:01
Shatta on Sep 17, 2017 12:49
Won't allow my children
Nana (USA) on Sep 17, 2017 13:10