I won’t allow my children to attend Akufo-Addo’s Free SHS - Former Minister

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Comment: NANA; "The Truth", The Key.

Innocent Ghanaian
2017-09-17 17:09:36
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I won’t allow my children attend Akufo-Addo’s

Blessed People Of Africa, Noble People Of The Nations Of The World, Dignified People Of Ghana;-‘Truth’- We Know, Is Said Can Be Bitter; However, We As Well Know That -‘Truth’ Like –‘Laughter’- Is The Best Medicine Which Does Not Just Heal The Heart, It Wins Both The Heart And Mind. A Time To Think. For The Noble People Of Ghana Do Not Just ‘Deserve’- To Know –‘The Truth’- But –‘Must’- Be Told –‘The Truth’- Regarding The –‘Free SHS’- Program Envisioned By Every Political Party “In Ghana” And Earnestly Desired By The Entire People Of Ghana For Our Dignified Young Ones Of The Blessed Nation. Now; Let My People Think.
Yes; Noble Ones Of The Blessed Nation Of Ghana, A Time To Think. For (Brainwash Education) As Exists In America Against The Innocent Minds Of The Young Ones Does Not Only Erode –‘National And Truth Self-Identity’,- It Possess A Grave Danger To The –‘Future And The Destiny’- Of The Nation And The People. Yea; A Time To Think.
Noble People Of Africa, –‘Free Education’- Requires More; School Lands, Well Trained And Equipped Teacher, Abundant Educational Resources Of Teaching And Learning Aids And Materials, Very Good School Feeding Program.., With These Being Just An Iota Of –‘The Truth’- Regarding –‘Free Educational System’. Most Importantly; Needed Is –‘The Educational Curriculum’: The Subject Matter, Which –‘Must’- Be Geared Towards –‘The Way Of Life’- Of The Nation And The Dignified People In An Rapid Changing World. Humanity; A Time To Think. Oh!! Unfortunately, This Forum Does Not Present Me The –‘Needed Platform’- To –‘Freely Offer’- What The Gracious God Has –‘Freely Offered’- Me To Offer. Therefore; Must We Understand That; -‘Nothing’- Is –‘Free’- In This –‘World’. For Even -‘Salvation’- As We Know Is -‘Not Free’- As Many (Brainwashers) Will Like –‘Many Innocent Minds’- To Think. For –‘Salvation’- Though The –‘Recipient’- Receives It For –‘Free’- ‘The Truth’- Is, Salvation’- Came To Mankind At The Expense Of –‘Life’. Yea; Let My People Think.
Blessed Ones; “It Is Finished”; Therefore, “Occupy Till I Come”. A Time To Think. Coming Soon. ‘Free SHS?’- Coming Soon. For –‘The Truth’- Is, ‘Free Education’- Is Progressive And Must Not Be A (Politrical Propaganda) Intended To Score (Cheep Politrical Points) At The Expense Of Any Nation And The Noble People. Therefore; See You Soon At My Conference On –‘Free Education’.- Bearing In My –‘The Conference’- Is Not –‘Free’. Laugh. But A Time To Think. Thank You.
Humanity Is Humbly Invited To –‘New Videos’- Posted This Day September (“17”)th 2017 On The Facebook Page; “Testimony; New World Disorder” For Until Your Nation And The Blessed People Are Free; We –‘Must’- Continue To –‘Pay The High Price’- For –‘Freedom’. A Time To Think.

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NANA; "The Truth", The Key.