Akufo-Addo only re-echoing Mahama’s Free SHS policy – NDC Youth Organiser

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Comment: NDC can say all they want but we know.

Maame Abenah
2017-09-23 10:33:06
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Akufo-Addo only re-echoing Mahama’s Free SHS pol

The only thing that is attributed to the NDC of current memory is the following:
Woyome,SADA,GYEEDA,AMERI,Dumsor,Bus Branding,Bad Economy,Dead Goat Syndrome,A huge Nationa Debt,and none of which Ghana can write home and tell Mama about.
The Nana Akufo-Addo's team of smart MP's are working around the clock to fix the man who claims to have a dead goat syndrome's huge mess, and by the Grace of God,Ghana will be known among nations. The NDC can talk all they want,but Ghana know who implemented the NHIS,Free SHS,who built Soccer Stadiums,School Feeding and other Social interventions in Ghana as a meassure of porverty interventions.
What the NDC are good for in Ghana is corruption and releasing the three who were jailed for their stataments of killings our judges and rapping our past CJ.
Yes Ghana knows the NDC too well. Mahama even took possesion of an SUV as a gift of a person conducting business with Ghana and only the NDC will defend it as non-corruption. Yes the NDC is corrupt.

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Maame Abenah on Sep 23, 2017 10:33
NDC can say all they want but we know.