Akufo-Addo only re-echoing Mahama’s Free SHS policy – NDC Youth Organiser

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Comment: Another Useless Imbecile ?

2017-09-23 10:41:24
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Akufo-Addo only re-echoing Mahama’s Free SHS pol

What's your problem ?
Your senior officials in your own ndc has given credit to Nana for his foresight,exponent and the implementation of the shs free school.Ndc was in power for 8 yrs and couldnt do anything substantial for the average Ghanaian except to create,loot and share. This young administration of 8 months is doing wonders comparatively to your 8yrs of ndc adamn'tion.
Why all this negativity?The average Ghanaian parent is really happy with this govt intervention and that they have in power a govt that cares and willing to support them and not emptying the national coffers into thier own pockets.NDC,we are getting tired of your hypocrisy and unwanted criticisms.
Money paid out to the fraudster Woyome alone can pay for the free school budget.At the end of the Npp 8yrs the average Ghanaian will know the difference between the 'can do'attitude of the Npp and the ' thievery and nation wreckers' of your ndc

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Yaw on Sep 23, 2017 10:41
Another Useless Imbecile ?