Who's the most powerful man in Ghana now, Nana Addo or Bawumia?

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Comment: RE- JD

2017-10-03 16:43:46
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Who's the most powerful man in Ghana now, Nana Add

I wouldn't waste my precious time on you. You know what, you have discribed me a "thing" means am something that exist. But i see you as " nonentity" i don't even count you as a 'thing' cos that will mean you're something that one can touch , but i see you as empty air. You see the number of reasonable Ghanaians who commented on that bullshit article of yours? I don't think they're all affliated to NDC. And even if they are, you cannot compare your empty self to any of them. When Ghanians are crying of the hardship that has engulfed the whole country, you,re there admonishing stupid articles, that doesn't put food on people's tables. Damme you !!!

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WONTUMI (LONDON) on Oct 3, 16:43