Kenya's elections and the brouhaha thereof

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Ekow Samuel.
2017-10-17 00:41:03
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infantile analysis

The AG and the CJ of Kenya must to very careful about the disterbances of MR. Rainla Odinga 's disterbance of his opposeing the election from the Electoral commisssion,then of his none, re-election about his demanding seems he is at fualt be'cos he doing intertionally of the choase to disterb the country which it is very bad,so that 'have so'' of democracy then, that dose not seems he have to be opposeing anyhow concerning the masses health heart for disterbances,26 th october fixing date for the election which has been fix as Mr. Odinga 's demanding with -out partispation is a clare win of the election as Mr.Keyaatta Uhuru has wond on it,of the refuseasal force from Mr. Odinga about EC' the electoral commission then to the AG ,so the CJ have to take a note on that for this trasaction of Mr. Odinga's ploblem for to luck him up till he come back his sences for the disterbring on the Kenyans people,the understanding of you Mr. Kenyaata must to be continueing for calm and continue adivise the people of your country as your children for staying out from the harming violence causes ,all of the country's people inn,and do not accept never the reform of Mr. Odinga's and continue for your campanying of the peace of the peaceful,we hope the EC will be not no have disterbance of her for the corruption to and take anything from Mr. Odinga's ,we pray to you AG ,THE CHIEF JUSTICS the electoral commission for being calm without disterbances of the Odinga's,and aviod the violence and calm the violence and to moving on as peaceful up to the election and on and on, so that the people inn, will be happy with good move of you the Kenyas,we pray to you Mr. Uhuru Kenyaatta to be haveing a wisdom to rule you people as peacefully and the same time to the Chief Justics and the Artonny General of the state of you in the Kenya ,that of the message to you, and hoping the message will reach to you Mr. PRESIDENT OF KENYA AND THE CHIEF JUSTICS ,AG,God bless you and that is the blessings from GHANA AND continue for your democracy of you MR.President and the freedom of Justics and matain as it is,God bless you and oman ghana.

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Ekow Samuel. on Oct 17, 2017 00:41