No, Ghana first

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Osei Mensah
2017-10-28 22:52:57
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No, Ghana first

Akuffo addo is the architect of this barbaric behaviour in the country .The hooliganism he inculcated in his members is responsible for the catastrophic condition Ghana finds itself today. He has empowered his members to approach every issue with violence because they believe impunity is awaiting them. And that was the platform Delta force, invisible force, kandehar boys and this abronye and NPPigs miscreants operated and thought it was the order of the day. And as a result of this the Assembly man of denkyira obuasi was emboldened to offer instant Justice to major mahama in the same way abronye has been doing. So what happened at denkyira obuasi is the attributes of NPPigs. In a responsible society, criminal cases are not handle by citizens no matter their patriotism. There are institutions set up by the constitution that handle such cases but not just any individual. Else such society will be lawless as we are experiencing under akuffool addo. As a country, only the court of law that have the power to say someone is guilty or innocent of a crime. But unfortunately in Ghana today, every NPPigs member is a police and judge and deliver judgement because their party is in power. Just because they want to loot and steal, they feign to be patriotic citizens doing police and judges work for them with a huge clandestine interest. But Akuffool addict should know that he won the election with the help of the floating voters and if they doubt they should know how many times akuffool addo had been defeated in election in Ghana Without the help of the floating voters? He was defeated three times which lead to his own NPPigs members describing him as "serial loser". It was mouth watered promises he used to cajole the floating voters to vote for him so NPPigs should stop tickling themselves and laugh thinking that all is well because the floating voters have gained their senses from akuffool addo's propaganda that hypnotized them

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Osei Mensah on Oct 28, 2017 22:52